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2018 Job Fair

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Job Seeker Tips

Bring Your Resume!
Always have some extra copies of your resume to hand out to interested employers.

Do Your Research!
Reading employer websites can help make you aware of job availabilities a company may have so you can customize your approach to fit their need!

Have A Pitch!
The first thing you ever have to sell is yourself. Have a 60 second summary of your skills and interests.

Employer Tips

Try to make your booth interesting and attractive. Display a banner or sign showing your company name, logo, and colors. Use pictures or graphics to illustrate your company services or products and to convey your company's ideals and values

Supply your table with company forms and materials. Have copies of your company application form. Have a one-page (or shorter) description of each position you want to fill. Provide leaflets or brochures about your company. Keep business cards on the table so job seekers can contact you.

Consider having 'giveaways' to promote your company (these are gift-like items such as candies, pens, key chains, calendars, mouse pads, etc.